A Photo Fanzine for 2013

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London Based Photo B&W A4 Fanzine....
Features 170 live photographs of 57 new and exciting bands...
Including Wolf Alice, Blackeye, The Dogbones, Partly Faithful, Slaves, Sheen,

Zoetrope, Arrows of Love, Manflu, The Hypnotic Eye, Pins, The Indecent...
First Looks at Partly Faithful's new album 'Lazarus Under Glass'...
Interview with Sheen and more....

Issue One AVAILABLE NOW Features:

Available as physical 152 page A4 Back and White Book for £5.04

PDF Download for £1.00

You can also view in ISSU

I have physical copies and we are looking at getting some into specialist shops. Get in touch if you want to pick one up at a gig.

If you order a physical copy from Lulu - send me your order number here and I'll send you a free link to download a pdf


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